A 1st Class Experience

By Mélissa M Azombo

The BBC very kindly gave some the opportunity to enter their details to have a chance of getting a maximum of 2 tickets to the premiere of Doctor Who spin-off Class. I was one of them.

Upon receipt of my tickets, I was very excited and on the day of the premiere, I set off, not knowing what to expect, but still very excited. I made my way to RichMix in East London, where the premiere was being held, only to be met by Class banners under the rails, visible from the opposite side of the road. I took my lanyard, after having signed in and made my way up to the screen.

Before entering, I was met by a familiar face and tables full of popcorn and water bottles. I was not expecting this but it was a great reception. I then entered the screen and sat on some very comfortable seats. You could feel the buzz in the atmosphere. The 1st episode started. It finished. We left.

It was time for the Q&A: great fun and interesting information revealed, as well as unexpected shout-outs. The Q&A, although amazing, wasn’t where the greatness of the night stopped. There were opportunities to digitally be turned into one of the creatures from the episode. You could have your picture taken against a green screen and a GIF made of you with your pals and have them sent to you.

As if we hadn’t been treated enough, we got to select a book of our choosing – one of the Class books, which will accompany the series. I chose What She Does Next Will Astound You by James Goss because I know he’s a fantastic writer (If you haven’t read Doctor Who: Dead Of Winter, do!)

The warm atmosphere continued throughout the night, accompanied by mini sandwiches, mini burgers and wine.

The best thing was the opportunity to talk to the cast & crew beyond the Q & A and meet a few familiar faces – Whovian pals, everywhere!

Overall, I’d call the Class Premiere a first class experience.

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