Whoniverse Events On the 16th Anniversary of the show’s return

Big Finish Doctor Who Freebies

Big Finish Freebie: Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter is free to download until 23;59 GMT on 28 March 2021.

Did somebody say “Doctor Who freebies”? Until 28th March 2021 at 23:59 GMT/ 29th March 2021 at 00:59 CET, Big Finish is letting you download Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter: Stolen Goods completely free. Delve into the sonic adventure by grabbing this audio drama without having to pay a single penny, today.

Sacha Dhawan Limited Online Signing With

The Time Meddlers

Sacha Dhawan online signing via the Time Meddlers

People of the Doctor Who fandom, please attend carefully. Sacha Dhawan who has taken the role of The Master by storm since his 2020 Spyfall introduction, will be signing autographs via Doctor Who retailer, The Time Meddlers.

The online signing is taking place via pre-order between Friday 26 March 2021 at 18:00 GMT/ 19:00 CET and Wednesday 1 April 2021 at 23:59 GMT/ Thursday 2 April 2021 00:59 CET. During this time, fans can order an autograph on the Time Meddlers website to be signed by Sacha Dhawan, himself on an officially licenced 10×8” BBC print.

Autographs cost £24.99, with the option of having Sacha personalise the autograph for you with your first name only for an additional £5. After pre-orders close, autographs will be signed and should be shipped mid-April.

Don’t miss out and grab your Sacha Dhawan autograph today!

Christopher Eccleston Returns As The 9th Doctor in

New Audio Adventure

Above: CD & Vynil cover artwork for the brand new Big Finish audio adventures featuring Christopher Eccleston

The Doctor’s back in brand new audio drama Ravagers 1 starring Christopher Eccleston this May.

To celebrate 16 years since Doctor Who’s return to TV, Big Finish released the trailer to this set of 3 brand new adventures on 26 March.

It’s available to pre-order now on CD & digital download. Limited edition vinyl releases will also be up for purchase, which you can pre-order now.

New Release: Doctor Who Season 12 & Season 19 Blu-Ray Box Sets

Above: Artwork for the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray box set to be released in May.

Doctor Who Season 12 & 19 will be newly released in standard Blu-Ray packaging from 31 May 2021.

Season 12 is Tom Baker’s first series as The Doctor and includes stories The Ark In Space and Genesis of The Daleks, with companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter). The standard Blu-Ray box set part of Doctor Who: The Collection will include identical content to the Doctor Who: The Collection Limited Edition release. It will contain a standard, plastic Blu-ray case inside a slipcase, with a condensed, standard-printed 12-page booklet featuring disc-breakdowns, as well as selected illustrations.

Above: Artwork for the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray box set to be released in May.

Meanwhile, the Season 19 box set will introduce fans to Peter Davison’s first season as The Doctor, with companions Tegan (Janet Fielding), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Adric (Matthew Waterhouse).

Both will be available from multiple retailers at RRP £49.99, though currently £37.99 at Zavvi & HMV are available to pre-order now.

Doctor Who: Daleks! Nominated for Shorty Awards

Above: Artwork for the Daleks! animation which is up for a Shorty Award

Doctor Who five-part animation “Daleks!” has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Best Use of Animation.

The ten-minute episodes were uploaded to YouTube in weekly instalments late last year, as part of the Time Lord Victorious multi-platform saga, pulling together all of Doctor Who’s biggest licensees.

If you enjoyed it, you can vote for the series on the Shorty Awards website. Winners will be announced in April.


Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack 2020 Segun Akinola 3 April

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack composed by Segun Akinola is out 3 April. Image courtesy of Silva Screen Records.

Relive the sonic adventure from the comfort of your own speakers

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack is set for release early next month. As hiatus begins, fans of the longest-running sci-fi programme will be glad to know that they are able to pre-order the full album now.

Fans will be able to own the thrills and twists of the last series of Doctor Who in musical form on 3 April. Available to pre-order now, the 48-track escapade can be purchased via the Silva Screen Records website on CD, digital download and streaming. Silva Screen, the record label behind the Doctor Who soundtrack releases, tells Time Made Of Strawberries the album will be released through “an all distributions channel, so it will be available in all shops that want to stock it.” This will certainly include stores such as HMV and independent record stores, but due to shelf space will only include supermarkets if they wish to stock it.

A spokesperson for Silva Screen added “there’s a possibly that we may put it out on vinyl later in the year, but that’s not confirmed yet.”

DWS12 Soundtrack The Doctor And The Master Album Artwork Silva Screen Time Made Of Strawberries

The two-volume Doctor Who series 12 soundtrack will have album artwork featuring The Master, The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham. Credit: Silva Screen Records.

Retailing at £9.99, the 48-track album will be spread across two volumes, including “new themes for The Master and the Cyberman and celebrates the epic, action packed storytelling of series 12,” Silva Screen says. Fans will be able to listen to The Spy Master, The Lighthouse, Something Is Coming For Me and a special appearance from the Doctor Who Series 12 Opening Titles music in volume 1. Across volume 2, await titles such as She Was The Universe, Brendan, The Ascension Shall Begin, The Division, Tecteun, Cybermasters and Time Lords.

The twelfth series of Doctor Who came to a close Sunday night, with The Timeless Children as the concluding episode to an epic two-part finale. From the Spyfall opening two-parter to the unexpected plot-twist in Fugitive of the Judoon, scenes were woven with moving, emotional and captivating musical notes carefully crafted by the show’s composer Segun Akinola.


Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall (left) praises Segun Akinola’s (centre) work. Jodie Whittaker who plays The Doctor stands right. Credit: Doctor Who Page.

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall has highly appraised Akinola’s work, telling Silva Screen “his extraordinarily eclectic, bold and emotional scores for the series are part of Doctor Who’s identity.” He added “this collection showcases the range, ambition, precision and brilliance of Segun as a composer.”

Segun has been composing for Doctor Who since 2017 and has clearly been enjoying his new role. Speaking to Silva Screen, he says “From the experimental sounds of ‘Orphan 55’ to the emotional rollercoaster of ‘The Timeless Children’, it’s been a complete joy working on the music for Series 12 and I hope that whilst listening to this album, fans can relive all their favourite moments.”

DWS12 Soundtrack Ruth and The Doctor Artwork Time Made Of Strawberries Segun Akinola

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack CD album art. Credit: Silva Screen Records.

Looking back on the series 11 soundtrack and knowing what is to come, it’s fair to say Segun has proven himself to be a fantastic successor.

His predecessor Murray Gold composed for the show from its revival in 2005, with Series 1 until series 10 in 2017. Yet, the series 10 soundtrack has still not been released to date. Silva Screens had fans on “Doctor Who Soundtrack Watch” until 2017 when they finally announced the release of the series 9 soundtrack. The series had aired in 2015. Is a Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack still to follow?

BBC_Worldwide_Logo BBC Studios Wikipedia Time Made Of Strawberries

BBC Worldwide now BBC Studios sold the rights to Doctor Who music back in 2016. Credit: Wikipedia

In 2016, the rights of Doctor Who music were sold by BBC Worldwide (now BBC Studios) to BMG. Since all prior Silva Screen soundtrack releases are from seasons which aired before that year, does that compromise the possibility of a series 10 soundtrack release? According to Silva Screen, in short, no. “I think that that doesn’t affect us. We would still license it from BBC Studios, as they’re now called. It’s just not available. I don’t know why that is. I can only assume it’s probably something just to do with they haven’t got the music from the composer yet. I really don’t know. But I just know it’s not available for us to release.”

Since it would appear the fate of the Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack might well be linked with BBC Studios or BMG, both have been contacted for further comment and are currently still investigating what happened with the soundtrack. As soon as there are any updates regarding this or a possible future release, you will hear it here first.

Edit 30.03.2020: According to an update from BBC Studios, fans should not expect a Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack any time soon. It would appear that its fate does not lie with BMG after all, since Silva Screen Records do still hold the license to it. In response to Time Made Of Strawberries’ query about the soundtrack, BBC Studios said:

“The rights to the Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack are on licence from Silva Screen Records. There are currently no plans to release the soundtrack to the consumer market.”

So, fans can free up that shelf space put aside for the Series 10 soundtrack and replace it with the Series 12 soundtrack when it does arrive next week.

For now, fans will have to wait and see. But there is not too long to wait until the Doctor Who Soundtrack of the series with arguably, the most epic finale yet. Speaking of the upcoming release, Chibnall said “No Doctor Who fan should be without it, and no lover of contemporary film scores should miss it.” You’ve been told.