#ProfessionalUp #1: 3 Simple Steps To Become An Expert Communicator Within Your Team

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How effective communication will make you unstoppable at achieving your goals

By Mélissa M Azombo

Let’s talk about communication…

In the workplace, we know it’s vital. It appears on all our job posts. It is the method by which you get the job in the first place. And it is the crux of many problems which could have frankly, been very easily avoided.

As the content creator here at Time Made Of Strawberries, I contact interviewees all the time and reach out to you about interacting with the content that I’ve produced for you to enjoy and read.

As the DISC (Diversity in Space Careers) Marketing Lead and Volunteer at UKSEDS, I connect with my fellow team mates frequently about an array of topics, to facilitate the smooth running of what it is we are trying to accomplish and ask and answer pertinent questions, so we can attain our best.

What this shows is that communication is at the heart of teamwork. It is the electricity that keeps your Tesla going, the clockwork that keeps your watch ticking. So, what does this mean?

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Well, circuits are put in place with precision to make sure you can read this post on your smartphone, laptop or desktop right now and drive your Tesla. The cogs and needles are laid down meticulously, so that you can manage your time.

In the exact same way, you need to have a specific method about how you employ communication to make your team work.

1. Communicate and receive skillset

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Find out what your team members are good at and what they want to have a go at but could use help with. Put forward your strengths and areas for improvement too. This allows your team to feel empowered via solidifying their strengths and improving in areas of interest.

Communicating and sharing your skillset is an integral part of teamwork. It is the beginning of your journey to success as a team.

2. Delegate

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Use that knowledge to play to your team’s strengths and delegate roles accordingly. Likewise, benefit from other people’s strengths and allow them to help you in producing your best work. Is public speaking not your forte? Is someone in your team an expert at public speaking? Allow them to give you a masterclass on public speaking, so that you can put together the best, smoothest running presentation.

Become proficient at lending your skills and benefiting from gaining new areas of expertise from your teammates.

3. Communicate your vision clearly and precisely.

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So, you have successfully delegated. This might mean that you will not be in charge of bringing your vision to life. You might have direct involvement with the conception stage of your project, but it is the role of another team member to present that concept and make it tangible to your audience. Make your team’s life easier.

Be precise about the work you want your colleagues to produce. You will find that making no assumptions about what your team should and shouldn’t know about the details which currently lie in your mind, will go a long way in this aspect. Providing specific details and an accurate description of your concept will make it easier for your colleagues to achieve the vision you have in mind.

Just like that, confusion about the output not matching the vision is reduced or eliminated entirely and you’ll achieve synergy.


One thing that all teams have in common is a shared goal that they are working towards. It is having all the key elements of communication in place, that will allow your team to run like clockwork in reaching your common objective. You have the tools.

So, upgrade your communication skills in team work today to make the dream work.