A Complete Guide To The Multi-Platform Story In One Place

By Mélissa M Azombo

Doctor Who fans are thrown into a new time war saga, as multi-part story Time Lord Victorious comes to headphones, bookshelves, experiences and more, this month.

In the most ambitious licensee crossover in history, fans of the longest-running sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, will uncover new parts of the time war, an era alluded to multiple times throughout the series post-2005, most notably in the 50th anniversary episode The Day Of The Doctor.

Time Lord Victorious is set during the Dark Times, an epoch at the start of the Universe and sees the 8th, 9th and 10th incarnations of the Doctor (as played by actors Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant), defend their home planet from a terrible race. This new element of the Time War will be explored through books, audio dramas, comic books, escape rooms, games and an experience.

These elements will be brought to life through Doctor Who licence holders Big Finish, Penguin Random House (BBC Books & BBC Children’s Books), Panini, Titan Comics, Escape Hunt, Maze Theory and Immersive Everywhere. Avid followers of the story will be able to grab different puzzle pieces to complete their collection and get clued up on the complete story from this September through to April 2021.

For those who can’t quite get through the entire collection, but would still like to delve into the story, Time Lord Victorious producer James Goss says on the Doctor Who website, “It’s been designed so that if you just explore one bit of it, you’ll have a great time and understand the story fully.” Although the project is headed by Goss, it was Cameron McEwan who originally came up with the idea. He collected lots of research from BBC Audience Panels to throw together a menu of what fans want. So, the result should be a treat for all. With over 30 confirmed titles and more to be announced, here is the Time Made Of Strawberries guide of what to expect when, for those who are keen on absorbing absolutely everything!


OUT NOW! 3 September 2020 – Doctor Who: The Official Annual 2021 from BBC Children’s Books promises an amalgamation of Doctor Who fun, from activities to illustrations and short stories at RRP £7.99. More importantly, one featured story from this completes the Time Lord Victorious puzzle. This annual is one for the collection for readers who want a glimpse into the Dark Times, among all the Doctor Who fun. One for the Christmas list, this is the best way to get a taste of the adventure to come.

Doctor Who Annual 2021 Time Lord Victorius BBC Children's Books The 13th Docto Jodie Whittaker Ryan Sinclair Yasmin Khan, Graham O' Brian TIME MADE OF STRAWBERRIES UN TEMPS DE FRAISES

The Official Annual 2021 features lots of activities and an exciting Time Lord Victorious snippet!

Check across retailers for different prices, as Forbidden Planet currently has this in stock for £5.99 online. Stockists include WHSmith, Blackwell’s , Foyles and Waterstones. You can also contact your local library to find out if and when they are expecting this book on their shelves or available online. As with all books on this list, if they are not expecting it, you should also be able to request that they order it from their supplier.

1 October 2020 – Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead by Steve Cole, brought to you by BBC Books will be released early next month and is available to pre-order now through Waterstones, Foyles, Hive, Blackwells and Forbidden Planet, with RRP £9.99. The novel’s synopsis teases how it will fit into the Time Lord Victorious saga.


Featuring David Tennant, The Knight, The Fool And The Dead by Steve Cole marks the first Time Lord Victorious novel release.

“The Doctor travels back to the Ancient Days, an era where life flourishes and death is barely known… Then come the Kotturuh – creatures who spread through the cosmos dispensing mortality. They judge each and every species and decree its allotted time to live. For the first time, living things know the fear of ending. And they will go to any lengths to escape this grim new spectre, death. The Doctor is an old hand at cheating death. Now, at last, he can stop it at source. He is coming for the Kotturuh, ready to change everything so that Life wins from the start. Not just the last of the Time Lords. The Time Lord Victorious.”

Following Combat Magicks, The Darksmith Legacy: The Vampire of Paris and We Can’t Stop What’s Coming from The Target Storybook, Steve Cole pens his 24th Doctor Who book in this 5th instalment in the Time Lord Victorious series, according to the handy BBC roadmap. Contact your local library to find out when they will have this title available or request that they order it from their supplier.

10 December 2020Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious: All Flesh Is Grass by Una McCormack, published by BBC Books will be available to purchase in the lead up to Christmas, from all good book shops. It is available to pre-order now via Waterstones, Foyles, Hive, Blackwells and Forbidden Planet at an RRP of £9.99.

The novel’s synopsis states “In All Flesh is Grass we are transported back to The Dark Times. The Tenth Doctor has sworn to stop the Kotturuh, ending Death and bringing Life to the universe. But his plan is unravelling – instead of bringing Life, nothing has changed and all around him people are dying. Death is everywhere. Now he must confront his former selves – one in league with their greatest nemesis and the other manning a ship of the undead…”


All Flesh Is Grass by Una McCormack features the 8th, 9th and 10th Doctors, as played by Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant

This is Una McCormack’s 5th Doctor Who book, following titles Molten Heart, Royal Blood and The Way Through the Woods. Contact your local library to find out when this 21st instalment in the Time Lord Victorious series will be with them.


7 October 2020 – Short Trips: Master Thief by Sophie Iles & Lesser Evils by Simon Guerrier




Above: Prints signed by Mandip Gill will be available to pre-order on the Time Meddlers website with the option of personalisation and framing

L’actrice Signera des Autographes sur des Figurines via le Site des Vendeurs, les Time Meddlers

Par Mélissa M. Azombo

Mandip Gill, qui joue le personnage Yaz dans la série populaire de science-fiction Doctor Who, participera à une session d’autographe via précommande chez les Time Meddlers.

Les Time Meddlers est une e-boutique qui vend de la marchandise officielle, venant du monde de Doctor Who, à prix abordable.

Face à la situation concernant la pandémie du COVID-19 et ses règlementations de distanciation physique, cette session d’autographe se produira en ligne via précommande jusqu’à jeudi prochain. Toutes commande seront dispatchés aussi tôt, via livraison mondiale.

Les fans de Mandip peuvent choisir parmi 4 options de ses photos dans Doctor Who, à être autographiées pour environ 33,63 €*. Les dédicaces s’ajoutent facilement, au prix d’environ 5,61 €* supplémentaire. Ceux ou celles qui comptent afficher leurs autographes pour les montrer avec fierté à tout le monde, peuvent aussi profiter du service de montage et encadrement offert par les Time Meddlers au juste prix de 22,43 €*. Les figurines de la collection Friends & Foe of The Thirteenth Doctor (Les Amies et L’Adversaire du Treizième Docteur) se vendront signé par Mandip à plus ou moins 56,06 €*. Les dédicaces sont aussi disponibles de la même manière pour celles-ci mais le stock est limité.

Mandip Gill à choisie de transformer son pourcentage des ventes, en don envers la Fondation Alicia Boparai – un organisme de bienfaisance qui collecte des fonds à diriger vers les enfant atteint par des maladies limitantes.

The Alicia Boparai Foundation Mndip Gill TMOS UTDF

Above: The Alicia Boparai Foundation, Mandip’s selected charity, benefits children with limiting illnesses.

La fondation explique sur son site << Sa famille et ses amies continuent à collecter des fonds en son honneur [d’Alicia], pour changer la vie d’un enfant et lui faire sourire. >>

La Fondation Alicia Boparai a été fondée en 2013 en mémoire d’Alicia, une jeune femme diagnostiquée avec le cancer ovarien à l’âge de 20 ans. Elle eue une série d’opérations : une hystérectomie, l’enlèvement de tumeurs et de la chimiothérapie. En 2011, elle reçut la bonne nouvelle que les choses allaient mieux. Mais suite à des complications avec son opération pour l’enlèvement de tumeurs dans son foie, en 2013, Alicia perd sa vie.

Quelques mois après, la Fondation Alicia Boparai a été créée pour aider les enfants touchés par des maladies limitantes de la même manière, une réflexion du fait qu’Alicia aimait beaucoup les enfants. Toutes les ventes d’autographes contribueront à cet organisme choisi par Mandip.

Mandip Gill Time Meddlers Signing Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: Mandip Gill in pre-sale order signing with the Time Meddlers for one week only!

La période de précommande publique est ouverte depuis vendredi 28 Août 2020 à 19h00 CET (18 :00 BST) et se termine vendredi 5 Septembre 2020 à 00h59 CET (soit jeudi 4 Septembre 2020 à 23 :59 BST). Toutes commandes seront satisfaites au plus tard vendredi 18 Septembre 2020.

*Les prix sont correct à l’heure de publication, selon le taux de change 1 GBP = 1, 12 EUR publié par Morningstar 29 Août 2020

Click here for to read this article in English.



Mandip Gill Time Meddlers Signing Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: Mandip Gill in pre-sale order signing with the Time Meddlers for one week only!

The actress will be signing limited B&M sets via Official Doctor Who Merchandise vendor, The Time Meddlers

Mandip Gill, who plays Yaz in hit sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, will take part in an online pre-sale signing on the Time Meddlers this week.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the signing will take place online via pre-order until next Thursday. Fans can select from multiple prints, priced at £29.99 each or order the limited exclusive B&M 13th Doctor Friends and Foe set, which will be signed by Mandip, herself at £49.99.

Personalisation is available for an extra £5.00, as well as a mounting and framing service as an add-on, for that special touch at £20. All orders will be shipped globally once the pre-sale window closes at 23:59 on 4th September 2020.

Mandip is kindly donating her fee to the Alicia Boparai Foundation, a charity that raises funds for children & young people affected by limiting illnesses.

The Alicia Boparai Foundation Mndip Gill TMOS UTDF

Above: Mandip’s selected charity benefits children with limiting illnesses.

“Inspired by her love for children, her family and friends continue to raise funds in her honour to make a change to a child’s life and bring a smile to their face,” the foundation states.

The charity was set up in memory of a young woman named Alicia who was diagnosed with cancer aged 20. After a series of procedures including a hysterectomy, tumour removal and chemotherapy, Alicia finally got the all-clear. Unfortunately, in 2013, she received the news the cancer had spread to her liver. Following complications from a further operation, she sadly lost her life.

The Alicia Boparai Foundation continues to raise funds to help children affected by such illnesses, in her memory. All sales will benefit Mandip’s chosen charity.

General sale has been open from 18:00 today and all items will continue to be available while stocks last. Figure sets are first come, first served, while autographed prints are unlimited.


Live The Fandom Life On A Budget: Police Public Call Box Doctor Who purse Time Meddlers

Live The Fandom Life On A Budget: Above, Police Public Call Box Doctor Who purse with money spilling out of it.

From Merch to Experiences, Get it All Without Breaking The Bank

By Mélissa M Azombo

You didn’t choose the fandom life. The fandom life chose you. If there’s one thing you know, it’s that merch cravings are real. Long gone are the days of peacefully watching your favourite show on the sofa. Singing along to your favourite songs in your front room is no longer enough. Now, you want it all and the fandom cogs are routinely whirring, to frequently present you with too much merchandise to fill a TARDIS (is that possible?).

Too often, we stare across the TARDIS-sized gulf between ourselves and the fan-fulfilling treats we desire. These are not materialistic wants to a fan, but tokens of joy. Owning a part of something we enjoy can genuinely feel fulfilling. So, if you are priced out all of the time, this can feel disappointing.

Thankfully, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Whether you’re a music, TV or film stan, there are ways to live the fandom life on a budget.

Taylor Swift performing to a crowd at her Reputation Stadium Tour, wearing a black bodysuit and black boots

Above: Taylor Swift performing to a crowd at her Reputation Stadium Tour. Image courtesy of Billboard

If you’re a fan of a particular musician, concert tickets or artist merchandise are probably the main reason your wallet gives you the side-eye. Pandemic life may have taken music events away from us but back in “normal” times, ticket prices were notorious for not exactly equating to pocket money. But, if you’re willing to, there are ways you can side-step this and still see the performance of your dreams.

If you really want to cut costs, refreshing the page the second tickets are released is a pastime you’ll have to say goodbye to. Holding out until the last minute is your new friend. Although this method does not give you any guarantee of a ticket, this is your chance to benefit from someone giving away an unwanted ticket at a portion of the price or even completely free. Post regularly on your social media pages to ask for a spare ticket. You never know who might get back to you. Keep a look out on platforms like Gumtree too for people listing spare tickets but beware of fraudulent tickets.

If you can’t quite say goodbye to refreshing the page on ticket release day just yet, it’s time to compromise. This means you won’t be grabbing front row seats. You may have a balcony seat or slightly obscured view but at a fraction of the cost of a front of stage seat, you will still be able to enjoy the music and see your favourite artist or band perform.

Are they on tour? Check out where they are playing. It might be worth booking to see their performance at a smaller venue rather than at a festival, because those performances tend to have a lower ticket price. Venues like The Roundhouse in Camden, London, even offer memberships or schemes you can join to get a further discount.

Of course, with concerts come official merchandise. While possible to save up for and definitely worth the money, given the time and effort that goes into the design and production of it, it’s no secret that it may not be budget friendly for everyone. Unfortunately, official artist merch is a trickier area to navigate when it comes to getting a bargain. You can see if someone resells the item on apps like Depop or Vinted. They may even post about it on social media or listings sites. Some wishful thinking is involved here but people giving away items they no longer want does happen. They may even turn up in vintage stores, along with other merchandise.

When it comes to official merchandise from franchises like film & TV shows, it becomes a little easier to grab a bargain. Remember suppliers will distribute their products across various retailers – except in cases of exclusivity – who are likely to all have different prices. It’s worth putting in the effort to compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your faves.

There is one way of snapping up free merch or concert tickets and that is to subscribe to newsletters and enter competitions. The artist’s newsletters should keep you updated on competitions. Staying tuned to their social media and website, as well as listening to the radio and reading a newspaper every now and again will keep you aware of chances to win freebies and experiences.

Golden Music: Above, the Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack album release.

Golden Music: Above, the Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack album release.

When it comes to the music itself, you can stream the album on YouTube or other free music platforms, as soon as artists have made it available. If you wait a while, you can even borrow a CD from the library (when those open as usual again).

The same can be said for DVDs or soundtracks of your favourite shows. You should also be able to borrow these from your local library, along with books. With so much content available online nowadays, if you’re a TV or film fan, you may find that an online streaming service subscription is enough. At the same time, this new age system of online streaming has scattered shows and films throughout various different platforms, so it may not be viable for you to sign up to all of them just to watch your favourite shows. If you really want to own that DVD box set on a budget, second-hand shops like CeX or charity shops are a great way to own a piece of fandom at a fraction of the price.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture Immersive Time Lord Victorius Time Made Of Strawberries

Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a Doctor Who immersive experience, presented by Immersive Everywhere. Image, courtesy of TodayTix.

With Doctor Who’s Time Lord Victorius launching in September across books, audio books, and comic books, libraries, charity shops & digital download are all affordable options to access the full story and not feel like you are missing out on any of it. In fact, while libraries remain closed to the public or maintain limited access, you should be able to download and borrow digital copies of the books.

Time Lord Victorius will also feature an immersive theatre experience. Although concessions are not available when booking for Doctor Who: Time Fracture, discount codes are. In general when booking experiences, remember to track these down and select concessions, such as student discount, if you are eligible. Don’t forget to compare prices of booking online vs in person. Is there a booking fee or do they offer lower rate online than in person?

Tickets out of this world: Above, a Doctor Who Experience ticket and Toy story 4 Cinema ticket

Tickets out of this world: Above, a Doctor Who Experience ticket and Toy Story 4 Cinema ticket.

If you’re a movie buff, you should use the same strategy to secure cheaper film tickets, whenever it is we are allowed to go to the cinema again. Look out for specific days or times a cinema might have cheaper tickets like Vue Mondays. If you’re a regular, it might be worth joining schemes like Meerkat Tuesdays or getting a membership like BFI Under 25.

So, while it may be a windy road sometimes, there are multiple ways to live the fandom life on a budget.


Doctor Who merchandise image featuring monster, companion anddoctor figures, the TARDIS, sonic screwdriver and VHS. These are set across 4 shelves.

Above: Doctor Who memorabilia, image credit The Doctor Who site.

Is Superfandom money and talent-centric?

By Mélissa M Azombo Support the author

I’m on the set of Doctor Who during one of those lulls when we are waiting to be called in for the next scene, when one of the other extras told me he had been in the newspapers as a kid for owning the biggest Doctor Who collection.

“Impressive!” I thought. “That’s really cool,” I responded. He must really like Doctor Who and it is amazing that he not only enjoyed the show enough to want to collect so much, but that he was able to. He is what the media would have termed a “Superfan”. Unfortunately, his name escapes me. This was way back in the summer of 2016, after all. While I wish him well wherever he is, I also wonder whether he would have agreed with that terminology.

See, I have seen many examples of fans photographed with their collections and artwork and called superfans but I wonder if this always feels like an accurate fit. Do they, themselves feel like superfans or regular fans? And what makes the distinction? I wanted to unpack what it meant to be a Superfan a bit further.

Tom Felton Meets The Superfans BBC Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: Snapshot from BBC documentary Tom Felton Meets The Superfans

The best place to start when you want to know the meaning of a word is always of course, the dictionary. The Oxford online dictionary defines a Superfan as “a fan especially of a sports team, who admires somebody/something or enjoys watching or listening to somebody/something, more than usual.” While Doctor Who may not be a sports team, instead the longest running sci-fi TV show, I think I can still use this definition as a barometer against which to calibrate Superfandom.

First, I need to set a baseline for “usual”. Is this Countdown? Because off we go to the dictionary corner again. According to the same dictionary, usual means “that happens or is done most of the time or in most cases”. This sets the baseline for usual fandom at: ways of enjoying a franchise that are the most accessible. In the case of Doctor Who for example, that would be simply watching each episode from when it aired. Anything beyond that, such as watching episodes multiple times or investing further in the show in other ways, would bring you towards the Superfan side of the spectrum.

Doctor Who Memorabilia 2 The Doctor Who Site Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Faises

Above: A Doctor Who collection of Daleks, a TARDIS, figures and more. Image credit: The Doctor Who site.

This means that my fellow extra from earlier would categorise as a superfan. Does this mean that anyone who does not own even one Doctor Who Funko Pop, could never dream of qualifying as a superfan? Owning a huge collection is in large part, money based. Whilst it is arguably unfair to dismiss those who would never be able to afford such a collection, it is also not right to dismiss the passion for the show someone must have, to want to do this in the first place. The collector has rightfully earnt their place as a superfan (as long as it’s not just because they couldn’t shift the latest limited edition blu-ray for £1000 on e-bay, after all). Perhaps this just seems like the main representation we get of the superfan. Others are acknowledged in media, though.

Matt Smith The Doctor Doctor Who Fan art Alice X. Zhang Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: Cosmic Doctor: The 11th Doctor fan at by Alice X. Zhang.

The superfan is sometimes in the media for their fan art. With Doctor Who’s deep history, there is lots to draw inspiration from to create hand drawn, painted or even digital artwork. Spend just a few minutes scrolling through Twitter and you will see a plethora of talent emanating from your screen.

Vincent Van Gogh Tony Curran in Doctor Who by BethanApple on Instagram

Above: A work of art: A pen drawing of Vincent Van Gogh as portrayed by Tony Curran in Doctor Who episode Vincent and The Doctor. Artwork by BethanApple on Instagram.

The talent of Doctor Who fans will astonish you. These fans show that their enjoyment of the show sparks their creativity, prompting them to take their fandom beyond just watching the program.

Doctor Who Series 4 Steelbook Sophie Cowdrey Time Made Of Strawberies Un Temps De Faises

Above: The Doctor Who Series 4 steelbook cover artwork designed by Sophie Cowdrey (@sophiecowdreyart on Instagram)

From The Doctor in her various incarnations to her companions or cross-era mash-ups, for example The 8th Doctor with Bill Potts, there is an array of fantastic artwork from fans. This can give them more material to practise their craft enough to even work on the show one day in an artistic capacity, as Sophie Crowdrey who designed the Doctor Who Series 4 Steelbook did.

There is no way in which these fans have not earnt the “Superfan” title. It’s still important to note though that artwork is money & resources dependent. It also depends on being able to draw. The concept that someone who does not have the funds or resources to produce this art or can not draw could not be a superfan, just does not ring true.

Timey Wimey Productions

Doctor YouTube Channel Timey Wimey Poductions

What about something more inexpensive like running a blog or a successful YouTube or Vimeo channel? Possibly even a successful social media account? Blogs not only take a lot of time and effort to run and promote, they employ a vast skillset. Bloggers need to research and innovate to come up with original articles you will enjoy reading. In the case of writing about a topic the rest of the Doctor Who fandom is already aware of, they need to be quick to beat the rush of every single other Doctor Who Blog writing about it or use a different angle that would warrant a later publishing date.

There is a lot to take into account from photography to logos and website design, as well as interviewing people, given the chance. This is definitely something not done lightly. Most times, this is a hobby fans are trying to squeeze in around their day job that they do not get paid for, with no guarantee anyone will read it at first.

Similarly, YouTube channels and social media accounts have no guarantee of ever being viewed by anyone. The amount of time, energy and creativity fans put into editing videos for, be it YouTube or DailyMotion and perfecting posts for Instagram or Twitter, is definitely a match for a superfan. But when it comes to success, this is tied to likes & impressions in the mediasphere. It’s a numbers game! By that logic, this level of dedication to the show means nothing to your superfan status if you don’t have thousands of likes and followers. Ouch! Sounds harsh.

Also a numbers game and perhaps the most symbolic of a superfan, is autograph & photograph collecting. The autograph & photograph hunters have been synonymous with the term superfan for ages and it’s quite an expensive hobby to keep up.

With conventions increasing in price, along with auto and photo prices, this is not exactly accessible to everyone. But it doesn’t actually have to be expensive. You can go to stage door for free and try to get a photo or auto from your favourite actor if they come out. You might be able to do the same outside red carpets, some of which are wrist-banded to restrict the number in fan areas.

Of course, if you are just after an autograph, you might actually be able to get one for the price of a stamp – well, 2 stamps. You can send fan mail to the agency of the actor of your choice and enclose a stamped SAE (self-addressed envelope), so that they are able to send you a response, including an autograph, if you request one!

While these last methods dramatically take the cost of this activity down, it is still exclusive. The latest figure from l’INSEE (L’Institut National de Statistiques et des Etudes Economiques) reflects that the amount of people in poverty is 14.2%. For such people, the cost of a stamp may be too much, let alone 2 stamps or trying to get into a convention. Unfortunately, being a Doctor Who fan does not automatically grant someone a magic money tree from the Universe.

So, who is the superfan in all of this? Is it the collector? Is it the artist? Is it the fanfiction writer or is it the person who has watched lots of episodes multiple times and can tell you a thing or 2 about them from the top of their heads? It turns out that the superfan is all of these examples. As far as being a superfan goes, you don’t have to have all the money in the world to collect every photograph, autograph or figure. You don’t have to be able to draw or write or even have defined success on your Doctor Who social media account. You just have to enjoy the show, in a more than usual way. There is more than one way of being a superfan, even a free one…



Exterior of the Natural History Museum at night where the Doctor Who science event took place.

Above: The Natural History Museum where the Doctor Who science night took place. Credit: Mélissa Azombo

Science Fun At the Natural History Museum’s Doctor Who Night

by Mélissa M Azombo

In October 2019, Whovians and science enthusiasts alike descended on the Natural History Museum Doctor Who night at the London venue, which coincided with their monthly Lates.

The popularity of the event was shown via the mass queue that formed outside its TARDIS & Moon room before its 18:30 start. Once inside, visitors could marvel at the TARDIS in front of them and the scale modelled lit-up moon from a more permanent exhibition, which hung over it. Typical of a Natural History Museum (NHM) Lates event, there was lots more to explore. These nights are designed for adults to explore science, from stands with museum scientists to panels and screenings.

One visitor said “I love Doctor Who and for the first time I was able to see the TARDIS to take a picture and to see the monsters – how they create everything and the effects.”

From left: Doctor Who monster prosthetic heads of Tritovore, Silurian, the Minotor and Judoon lay on a table next to Tim Berry and Charlie Bluett from the Doctor Who Special Effects team, Richard Sabin, scientist at the Natural History Museum.

Above from left: Doctor Who monster prosthetic heads of Tritovore, Silurian, the Minotor and Judoon lay on a table next to Tim Berry and Charlie Bluett from the Doctor Who Special Effects team, Richard Sabin, scientist at the Natural History Museum.

This was the Naturally Monstrous talk, which proved very popular with audiences. There, Charlie Bluett from the Doctor Who special effects team revealed that the Cybermen were probably the most expensive creatures to make. He also took the time to explain how he got into his Doctor Who career.

“Creative studies, Art & DT & being on the sports field were the areas I excelled in, so finishing school, I worked at Pizza Express to save some money to put together a portfolio and contacted a guy called Dick Smith,” he said. The late Dick Smith of the Godfather trilogy had recommended him for his first job. From there, he started working on music videos before eventually working at Millenium FX, where his first job was to make a pig head, presumably for the Daleks In Manhattan series 2 episode.

Doctor Who's Time Berry demonstrating Judoon animatronics with Charlie Bluett operating a console to do so.

Above: Doctor Who’s Tim Berry and Charlie Bluett demonstrate Judoon animatronics.

Tim Berry, also on special effects, talked about the animatronics of creatures like the Judoon and building monsters, showcasing a quick demo. NHM’s own Richard Sabin discussed the science behind the creatures.

In another room, Doctor Who Series 3 episode Smith and Jones aired in rotation to give more fans the opportunity to catch the screening.

Visitors could enrich their experience at pop-up stations. They gathered to hear more about Mars and find out more about rocks from space called chondrites and tektites.

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A post shared by Time Made Of Strawberries (@timemadeofstrawberries) on

“Chondrites are a type of meteorite and tektites are an example of a way of identifying that there’s been an impact,” Natural History Museum PhD student Helena summarised. “If you imagine you drop a pebble into water, and you get a splash of water, if you “drop” an asteroid into the Earth, you get “splashes” of Earth. So basically, it melts everything so then that material will splash out and as it’s travelling through the sky, it will solidify. So, you get these really bizarre droplet shapes.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For a more hands-on approach, the opportunity to take part in the Large Mission to Mars workshop was on the table. Participants could code a rover using Lego robotics to journey through a large scale replica of the red planet’s surface.

The night was not complete without the opportunity to look down a microscope. Natural History Museum scientists gave visitors the opportunity to see just how large grains of sand really are.

A visitor at the event said “I loved it. There was so much to do.” The BBC Doctor Who – Natural History Museum event was a huge success, where visitors could pre-book tickets for a silent disco that followed.


Doctor Who The Edge Of Time Logo Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time logo from an earlier trailer.

An Inside Look At The Brand New Doctor Who VR Game

One sunny August evening, Product Manager Quin escorts me to the Maze Theory London headquarters. Through the high-end secure entrance and the lobby which exudes comfort, we make our way to the bright, spacious Maze Theory office. Dedication, hard work and positive energy in the air, ingredients of the new Doctor Who VR game “The Edge Of Time”.

At this stage, the game development is still in progress. Nevertheless, the game that I test is extraordinary. When I put on my VR headset, I am immediately transported to another world. I feel the nature around me, the tension of hurrying to save the day and the fear of monsters. As far as I am aware, there is no screen separating me from this captivating, time-sensitive world. This time, I am living in an episode of Doctor Who.

The Maze Theory team had taken us through their work on the game, on a widescreen TV. They were also keen on feedback from the eyes of avid Doctor Who viewers. This, an illustration of the passion, drive and painstaking detail they were putting into launching Doctor Who into the world of VR in perfect fashion.

The Edge Of Time is the first VR game to enter the Doctor Who universe.

With Monsters and threats to confront, Doctor Who fans take charge of defeating Daleks and Weeping Angels alike, by stepping into an adventure of their own.

Given some guidance at intermittent points in the game by The Doctor herself (voiced by Jodie Whittaker), players essentially become The Doctor as they are put in charge of their own destiny.

Released in November, the immersive experience filled with thrills, puzzles and tension is available worldwide to all owners of a VR headset via Steam, Oculus and PlayStation store at An RRP of £20 or $25 USD.

Doctor Who The Edge Of Time Neil Millstone Time Made Of Strawberries

Above: Neil Millstone, Lead Developer at Maze theory, pictured here at the Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time stand at London Comic Con MCM Expo in May 2019

Players should “come out thinking they’ve just had an adventure through space and time,” Neil Millstone from Maze Theory tells me.

As a fan of the show, he described working on The Edge Of Time as feeling “like a responsibility… Games based on movies and TV don’t have a great history and… we all wanted to make sure that we did right by the fans. We didn’t want to make a generic game that just happens to have the Doctor Who branding on the top. We wanted to make something that fans and people who knew the series, would identify with and see as part of the Doctor Who world.”

Doctor Who The Edge Of Time Dalek GIF

Above: A Dalek from Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time.

In the initial planning stages, Maze Theory made sure to centre some vital elements in the world of the game. When considering which famous Doctor Who monsters to feature, the Daleks reigned supreme.

Having selected the Daleks as iconic monsters to include and Weeping Angels, they knew they needed to consider the types of environments that would be good to explore next.

“The plot mostly came first and then the gameplay fitted around that.” Neil tells me about the game development process. The balance of the plot and the environment was a key component of constructing the worlds in the game. Neil got an insight into the sheer scale of the game when he was asked to join the project, by being shown a demo of the game featuring the Weeping Angels.

“I was amazed by the Weeping Angels demo,” he told me. “The environment, the look and feel of it. There was something about the demo they showed me that made me think ‘If we can make something Doctor Who that looks like this, then we’re gonna do very well out of it.’”


Above: Don’t blink. A Weeping Angel, as seen in Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time VR game

This really emphasised that Maze Theory had put a lot of work into crafting every detail to build up the perfect fan experience. I very quickly learnt that this has been consistent over the course of the project, which started with a request sent out by the BBC. Since Maze Theory is a recent addition to Output Group, which had worked with the BBC before, this helped them get on the list when the BBC sent out a request for who would be interested in producing a VR game. Marcus Moresby (VR Director at Maze Theory) put together the demo which landed them the project. Project landed, they set to work!

Doctor Who The Edge Of Time Marcus Moresby Time Made Of Strawberries

Above: Marcus Moresby, Creative Director at Maze Theory created the demo which landed them the project.

“We worked very hard to make sure that everything felt Who-y and it felt like something that would appear in the series,” Neil told me. He described every detail the team kept in mind while making the game, to make that world feel authentic.

“The intro sequence is designed to look like the intro to the TV series and getting elements like the TARDIS and the Daleks to be super accurate. All of these things are very important to us. Every module on the Dalek and every dial on the TARDIS is exactly where it should be.”

It is clear that the team knew just how important it was to get every detail right to create the perfect world. Maze Theory enlisted the help of some very knowledgeable Doctor Who cast members to get this spot on.

“Obviously, we enlisted the help of Nicholas Briggs and Jodie Whittaker to do the roles that they’re famous for in the series. As soon as we got the voices in, it felt much more like a part of the Who Universe.”

The game development process took about 14 months to complete, from building the team to the final completion stage.

This 14-month process led Maze Theory to an authentic Doctor Who game, in which players will find references to the Whoniverse throughout. This includes the laundrette representing the Totter’s Lane Junkyard and the time cabinet referencing Classic Doctor Who episode Talons of Weng Chang. It is no secret in the worlds of fandom, how dedicated fans are to the show, and how important this accurate detail and authenticity, which remained a constant theme throughout the game’s creation, can be to them. It strikes me that Doctor Who: The Edge of time is not only a chef d’oeuvre and labour of love. It is a love letter to the show itself, to the fans. VR headset firmly in place, I’m sure that fans can only be filled with joy and a sense of adventure.


CONVID-20: The online DoctorWho convention will take place this week-end.

CONVID-20: The online DoctorWho convention will take place this week-end.

COVID-19 may have cancelled Con Season but new online Doctor Who convention CONVid-20 has revived it.

By Mélissa M Azombo

In response to global Comic Con cancellations surrounding COVID-19, an online Doctor Who convention called CONVid-20 (Convention by Video 2020) will materialise this week.

On Saturday 18 April, CONVid-20 will play host to interviews featuring Doctor Who stars Bonnie Langford, Simon Fisher-Becker, Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy. Doctor Who fans worldwide can enjoy panels and quizzes from the online convention, as well as a live comedy set from Musical Comedian Mitch Benn  from 11:00 BST/12:00 CET to 22:30 BST/23:30 CET on the CONVid-20 YouTube channel

Due to the high volume of guest sign-ups, an additional event called Writer’s Room featuring Doctor Who writer Peter Anghelides, Sophie Iles and Doctor Who Magazine’s Andrew Cartmel will take place from 19:00 BST/20:00 CET to 23:00 BST/00:00 CET on Friday 17 April.

The complete schedule for Virtual Doctor Who convention COVID-20 and added Writer's Room event.

The complete schedule for Virtual Doctor Who convention CONVID-20 and added Writer’s Room event.

CONVid-20 also encourages fans to participate on the day by cosplaying (dressing up as their favourite characters) and keeping the conversation going on Twitter using #20CONVid. The event has received plenty of contributions so far but welcomes more, whether through artwork, sharing stories of meeting Doctor who guests, short stories fans have written or anything they can think of. More contributions will add to the community feeling of the event.

“The idea is to replicate a normal convention as closely as possible.” Convention organiser Alan Lear tells Time Made Of Strawberries.

CONVID-20's Allan Lear, Wife Emma and Doctor Who actor Matt Lucas

Doctor Who fan and CONVid-20 organiser Allan Lear with his wife Emma and Doctor Who actor Matt Lucas on the TARDIS set.

The CONVid-20 team had been planning a convention for July, which they decided to reorganise as a virtual Doctor Who convention, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, leading to the shutdown of events which would have required big gatherings.

While the event will be completely free to access, the virtual convention will also be accepting donations. All voluntary contributions will be in aid of children’s hospice Claire House.

“We meet friends we only ever see at conventions, and we’re missing them this year.  So we thought it would be nice to put something together where we could meet up online at least.” He says.

Claire House Children's Hospice

Claire House is a local charity which does great work in looking after children who are terminally ill.

“They take in terminally ill children and try to give them as much fun and normality in their lives as possible.  It’s hugely important to those kids and their families.” Mr Lear elaborated on why he originally selected Claire House as the charity to support, in running this event. The current global lockdown situation surrounding COVID-19 seemed to strengthen that decision. “And then of course the virus hit,” he continued “and everywhere that’s reliant on public donations is getting much less now because people aren’t doing anything that could raise funds, so it seems more important than ever now, to be chipping in for them.”

Whether fans are able to donate or not, they will have access to all of the content the virtual convention has to offer, something which was very important to the event organiser.

In his announcement video, he states “There is going to be no Patreon tiering or paywalling.”

He also adds that there are no overheads “Nobody we’ve asked to take part is taking a fee. They are doing it purely for the love of the show. With it being a virtual convention, we’ve got no hall hire,” so there are no costs to pass on to participants.

Allan Lear Doctor Who Fan, Stand-Up Comedian and CONVID-20 organiser

Triple threat: Allan Lear is a Doctor Who fan and stand-up comedian who has used his events experience to put together CONVID-20

Stand-up comedian Allan Lear, 39, has experience in working on events like this one. Knowing how conventions are run nowadays led him to the decision that there would be no premium content for this event.

“These days a lot of conventions are very money-driven.” He started. “A lot of them also do premium passes, where you get to jump the queue and if there isn’t time for the people with normal tickets to get their autographs, they just miss out… I think it’s very cruel. Just because people aren’t rolling in cash, doesn’t mean that the shows and the fandom matter any less to them. “ He continued. In fact, the conventions Allan is involved in running always ensure to secure at least one autograph per ticket, so no-one misses out. “So yes, it was important to us that everyone should be able to access all our content, regardless of whether they could afford to donate to Claire House or not. ” He explains.

The full programme of guests includes “actors Chris Guard, Chris Jury, David Banks, Brian Croucher, Toby Hadoke, Angela Bruce, Marcus Gilbert, David Benson, Jon Culshaw, Mark Strickson; writers Andrew Smith, Peter Anghelides, Sophie Isles and Andrew Cartmel; effects guru Steven Gallagher; director Jamie Stone; and producers Scott Handcock and Philip Hinchcliffe.“ Allan informed Time Made Of Strawberries. Virtual attendees will be able to tune in as they wish.


you got this lighted signage

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

Your Complete Lockdown Calendar of Livestreams and Events To Fill Your Days. Votre Planning Complet de Streamings et D’évènements A Ne Pas Manquer

 EN: The effects of SARS Coronavirus-2 which causes COVID-19, have impacted the world. Life as we know it is unrecognisable. But the world has organised itself to better communicate, look after itself and entertain.

During these uncertain times of lockdown, Time Made Of Strawberries brings you listings of all events and livestreams taking place during April. This list will be frequently updated, so be sure to check back often for any new events which might have been added. If you know of any events not yet listed here, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

If you are looking for a distraction from the current situation after having worked from home all day or you are simply looking for ways to fill your days, find a full list of events you can access from your sofa.  Spend this lockdown learning new skills, taking part in live watchalongs of your favourite TV show, along with the rest of your fandom and sometimes even main cast or crew members, or following a workout routine. This, all while staying safe at home.

FR : Les effets du SARS Coronavirus-2 qui déclanche le COVID-19 ont bouleversés le monde entier. La vie comme nous la connaissions ne nous est plus familière. C’est ainsi que la population s’est organisée pour communiquer, s’entretenir et se divertir.

Pendant cette période incertaine de confinement, Un De Temps De Fraises vous accompagne avec un agenda de tous les évènements et streamings en direct qui auront lieu à travers le mois d’Avril. Cette liste sera mise à jour fréquemment selon de nouvelles informations, alors n’hésitez à revisiter ce site de temps en temps. Si vous êtes au courant d’un évènement non-listé ici ou vous voulez qu’ Un Temps De Fraises publisse votre évènement, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Si vous recherchez un moyen de vous distraire de la situation actuelle après avoir travailler toute la journée depuis chez vous, ou vous voulez tout simplement combler vos journées, trouvez ci-dessous toute une liste d’évènements accessible depuis chez vous. Passer ce confinement en vous instruisant, en regardant des épisodes de votre série préférée en même temps que d’autres fans et souvent peut-être des acteurs principaux, ou en suivant une routine de sport tout en restant sain et sauf à votre domicile.



20:00 BST 21:00 CET: Radio Times Watchalong + Q&A – Torchwood : Capt. Jack Harkness

#CaptainJackHarkness #RTWatch #askcaptainjack

Radio Times Torchwood Twitter Watchalong Lockdown April 2020

Radio Times Torchwood Twitter Watchalong Credit: Radio Times

Participate in this live Twitter watchalong of Torchwood episode Capt. Jack Harkness. Simply load up your episode at 20:00 GMT and tweet along your thoughts and reaction to the episode using the hashtags #CaptainJackHarkness and #RTWatch or tweet your questions for actor John Barrowman using the hashtag #askcaptainjack.

Fêtez 10 ans depuis l’épisode de Doctor Who: Le Prsonnier Zéro en participant à son visionnage simultané. Regardez l’épisode depuis chez vous à partir de votre DVD ou téléchargé-le depuis une de plusieurs sources fiables tel que YouTube prêt à visionner dès 21h00 CET. Puis tweetez votre réaction à l’épisode en incluant les hashtag #CaptainJackHarkness et #RTWatch ou tweetez vos questions pour l’acteur John Borrowman qui joue Captain Jack Harkness en utillisant le hashtag #askcaptainjack

Access the event – J’y vais:

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Radio Times (@RadioTimes sur Twitter)

Cardiff Animation Nights Online Event

Cardiff Animation Nights Online April 2020 Lockdown

Cardiff Animation Nights Online Screening. Credit: Cardiff Animation Nights

Cardiff Animation Nights brings brilliant animated films to your front room. Cardiff Animation Nights is a free screening event of animations from all over the world which usually takes place at the Kongs venue in Cardiff on a Thursday evening every 2 months. The event is run by the same set of volunteers who run Cardiff Animation Festival. Although CAF has had to be postponed in light of current government regulations surrounding COVID-19, Cardiff Animation Nights is still running on a device near you. So, follow Cardiff Animation Nights on their Instagram and Twitter accounts and tune in from 20:00 BST or 21:00 CET on Thursday 2 April for some cool funny animations of various styles from stop motion to 2D, from the comfort of your own home.

Cardiff Animation Nights se transmet sur votre écran ce soir pour vous apporter des dessins animés qui vous feront rire ou vous étonnerons tout en appréciant l’art de l’animation. Cardiff Animation Nights est un événement gratuit de projection d’animations du monde entier qui a lieu à Kongs à Cardiff un jeudi soir tous les 2 mois.

L’événement est géré par le même groupe de bénévoles qui dirigent le Festival D’Animation de Cardiff. Bien que le FAC ait dû être reportées face aux réglementations gouvernementales concernant le COVID-19, Cardiff Animation Nights continuera ce soir à partir de votre smartphone ou ordinateur. Alors, suivez Cardiff Animation Nights sur leurs comptes Instagram et Twitter et connectez-vous à partir de 20h00 BST ou 21h00 CET le jeudi 2 avril pour des animations amusantes et cool de styles différents, partant du stop motion à la 2D, dans le confort de votre propre maison .

Access the event – J’y vais: All animations shown during the livestream available the following day via

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Cardiff Animation Nights (@animationnights sur Twitter et Instagram)


19:00 BST 20:00 CET: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour – Le Prisonnier Zéro Tweetalong

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour - Le Prisonnier Zéro watchalong. Credit: Emily rosina.

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour – Le Prisonnier Zéro watchalong. Credit: Emily rosina.

Celebrate 10 years since Matt Smith’s debut as The 11th Doctor at 19:00 GMT and tweet along your thoughts and reaction to the episode using the hashtag #FishCustard. See other reactions come in live from other fans, as well as cast members Matt Smith (who will be live tweeting from the Doctor Who Lockdown Twitter account) and Arthur Darvill. Episode scriptwright Steven Moffat. You don’t want to miss this Who fun. Find the episode on BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube.

Participant au visionnage simultané de l’épisode de Doctor Who: Le Prisonnier Zéro. Regardez l’épisode depuis chez vous à partir de votre DVD, BBC iPlayer, Netflix ou téléchargé-le depuis une de plusieurs sources fiables tel que YouTube prêt à visionner dès 20h00 CET. Puis tweetez votre réaction à l’épisode en incluant le hashtag #FishCustard. Suivez les réactions d’autres fans sur ce hashtag et suivez les tweets des acteurs Matt Smith (qui tweetera à partir du compte de Doctor Who Lockdown) et d’Arthur Darvill. L’écrivain de l’épisode Steven Moffat tweetera aussi. Ne manquer cet évènement. Retrouvez l’épisode sur BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Emily Rosina & Doctor Who Lockdown (@Emily_Rosina & @LockdownWho sur Twitter)



19:00 BST 20:00 CET Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall – La Chute du reichenbach Watchalong


Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall - La Chute du Reichenbach 10 April

Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall – La Chute du Reichenbach 10 April

Watch Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall along with other fans from the comfort of your own home. Simply put on your DVD or watch via BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube or other secure sources. Press play at 19:00 BST and join in the conversation with the hashtag #TheGameIsOn on Twitter.

Regardez l’épisode de Sherlock, La Chute du Reichenbach depuis chez vous sur DVD ou à travers Netflix, YouTube ou d’autres sources fiables. Jouez l’épisode à partir de 20:00 CET et suivez la discussion sur Twitter en utilisant le hashtag #TheGameIsOn.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Meg Reeves (@MegReeves93 on Twitter)


10:30 – 11:30 BST 11:30 – 12:30 CET Cardiff Animation Kids

Cardiff Animation Kids Live Animations Broadcast Online 11 April 10:30 BST

Cardiff Animation Kids Live Animations Broadcast Online 11 April 10:30 BST

Enjoy some family-friendly animations live from your front room, courtesy of Cardiff Animation Nights hosting their first ever kids animation screening online. Keep the children entertained with fun for all the family from 10:30 on Saturday 11 April. Follow the livestream link available on Cardiff Animation Nights’ social media pages to watch along.

Amusez-vous bien avec des dessins animés pour toute la famille diffusés directement dans votre salon, grace à l’équipe Cardiff Animation Nights, qui joueront les hôtes de leur première diffusion de dessins animés pour enfants. Démarrez la journée des enfants avec du divertissement pour toute la famille dès 10:30 Samedi 11 Avril.

Access the event – J’y vais:

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Cardiff Animation Nights (@animationnights sur Twitter et Instagram)

18:45 – 19:45 GMT 19:45 – 20:45 CET Doctor Who: Planet Of The Dead – Planète Morte Tweetalong

#PlanetOfTheDead #PlanèteMorte

Doctor Who Planet Of The Dead - Planète Morte Livetweet à 18:45 GMT 19:45 CET

Doctor Who Planet Of The Dead – Planète Morte Livetweet à 18:45 GMT 19:45 CET

This Easter Saturday, celebrate 11 years since Doctor Who episode Planet Of The Dead first aired. Load up your copy of the episode and watch & tweet along with other fans using the #PlanetOfTheDead hashtag. Don’t miss out! Insert your DVD or find the episode on BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube and take part in this fun Who-filled tweetalong event.

Planet Of The Dead Watchalong Poster FR

Regardons Ensemble: Doctor Who: Planète Morte 11 Avril à 19h45 heure de Paris.

Fêtez 11 ans depuis la première diffusion de l’épisode de Doctor Who Planet Morte ce Samedi de Pâcques. Insérez votre DVD dans le lecteur ou retrouvez l’épisode sur BBC iPlayer, Netflix ou YouTube. Suivez les réactions d’autres fans et aujoutez les votres en utilisant le hadhtag #PlanèteMorte.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Time Made Of Strawberries – Un Temps de Fraises (@GoldenWho sur Twitter)

20:00 – 20:45 BST 21:00 – 21:45 CET Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife – L’âme du TARDIS Watchalong


Be part of a global watchalong of the Doctor Who Episode The Doctor’s Wife. Episode writer Neil Gaiman will also be joining in live tweeting about the episode. Simply load the episode on DVD or via other channels such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube and follow the conversation using the hashtag #BiggerOnTheInside.

Faites partie du watchalong (regardez en même temps) de l’épisode de Doctor Who titré L’âme du TARDIS. Neil Gaiman, l’écrivain de l’épisode sera sur Twitter pour parler d’avantage de l’épisode. Insérez votre DVD de la saidon 6 dans le lecteur ou bien regardez l’épisode sur Netflix ou achetez et téléchargez-le sur Youtube. Puis tweetez vos réactions à l’épisode tout en incluant le hashtag #BiggerOnTheInside pour faire partie de la discussion.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Emily Rosina & Doctor Who Lockdown (@Emily_Rosina & @LockdownWho sur Twitter) + Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself on Twitter)


19:00 – 22:00 BST 20:00 – 23:00 CET Quiz Of Rassilon

Quiz Of Rassilon Online Doctor Who Quiz Easter Sunday 12 April 2020 19:00 BST

Quiz Of Rassilon Online Doctor Who Quiz Easter Sunday 12 April 2020 19:00 BST

Get your team together and test your Doctor Who knowledge in the legendary Quiz Of Rassilon this Easter Sunday in this virtual edition. Collate your team e-mail addresses and send them to the Quiz Of Rassilon by Friday 10 April ready for the quiz on Sunday. EDIT: The sign-up deadline has now been extended to noon on Saturday 11 April.

Revise for following rounds on Planet of The Dead, The Timeless Children and Rose. Guest rounds will be VAM of DOOM, The Deadly Assassin, The Evil of The Daleks, AnswerSMASH and Teddy’s TARDIS Tunes. More details to be confirmed soon.

Formez une équipe puis testez vos connaissances sur Doctor Who dans le Quiz de Rassilon à Pâques dans cette version en ligne. Rassemblez les adresses mail des membres de votre équipe puis communiquez-les aux Quiz de Rassilon avant 19:00 CET Vendredi 10 Avril prêt pour le quiz Dimanche. EDIT: Le dernier délais des inscriptions a été repoussé au Samedi 11 Avril à midi.

Préparez-vous pour des questions sur Planète Morte, The Timeless Children et Rose. Les questions des hôtes invités seront sur VAN of DOOM, The Deadly Assassin, The Evil Of The Daleks, AnswerSMASH et Teddy’s TARDIS Tunes. Plus d’information à venir.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Quiz Of Rassilon (@QuizOfRassilon & @LockdownWho sur Twitter) + Guest hosts Chris Chapman, Luke Spillane, TheMindRobber, Pip Madley and Edward Russell



20:00 – 20:45 BST 21:00 – 21:45 CET Doctor Who: Heaven Sent Watchalong


Be part of a global watchalong of the Doctor Who Episode Heaven Sent on The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi’s birthday. Episode writer Steven Moffat will also be joining in live tweeting about the episode, along with director Rachel Talalay and storyboard artist Mike Collins. Simply load the episode on DVD or via other channels such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix or YouTube and follow the conversation using the hashtag #Hellofabird.

Faites partie du watchalong (regardons ensemble) de l’épisode de Doctor Who titré Descente au Paradis. Steven Moffat, l’écrivain de l’épisode sera sur Twitter pour parler d’avantage de l’épisode, ainsi que la réalitsatrice Rachel Talalay et le scénarimagiste Mike Collins. Insérez votre DVD de la saison 9 dans le lecteur ou bien regardez l’épisode sur Netflix ou achetez et téléchargez-le sur Youtube. Puis tweetez vos réactions à l’épisode tout en incluant le hashtag #Hellofabird pour faire partie de la discussion.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayer , Netflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Emily Cook & Doctor Who Lockdown + Guests Steven Moffat, Rachel Talalay & Mike Collins


19:20 – 20:25 BST 20:20 – 21:25 CET Doctor Who: The Pilot – Le Pilote Watchalong

#TARDISMeansLife #StarInHerEye

Doctor Who Series 10 The Pilot - Le Pilot Global Simultaneous Watchalong 15 April 19:20 BST

Doctor Who Series 10 The Pilot – Le Pilot Global Simultaneous Watchalong 15 April 19:20 BST

Relive Doctor Who series 10 episode The Pilot on its 3 year anniversary along with other fans around the globe and some involved in the making of the episode TBC. Simply put on your DVD or find the episode on one of various channels such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix and press play at 19:20. Tweet your thoughts and reaction to the episode using the hashtag #StarInHerEye to join in the conversation. Follow tweets from cast members Stephanie Hyam, Caroline Lie, Rebekah Price and Mélissa Azombo.

The Pilot Watchalong Poster 2 itsmelukepennytumblr EN

Doctor Who: The Pilot Watchalong will take place at 19:20 BST on Twitter with Time Made Of Strawberries and special guests Stephanie Hyam Caroline Lie & Rebekah Price. Original artwork credit: itsmelukepenny on Tumblr

Fêtez les 3 ans de l’épisode de la saison 10 de Doctor Who Le Pilote, dans un watchalong (Regardons ensemble) mondial avec d’autre fans, ainsi que des personnes qui ont apparus dans l’épisode à être confirmé. Regardez  l’épisode à partir de votre lecteur DVD ou retrouvez-le sur Netflix dès 20:20 CET Mercredi 15 Avril. Puis tweetez vos réactions en vers l’épisode tout en utilisant le hashtag #LEtoileDansLOeil pour participer à la discussion. Suivez les tweets des acteurs et figurants Stephanie Hyam, Caroline Lie, Rebekah Price et Mélissa Azombo.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayerNetflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Time Made Of Strawberries – Un Temps de Fraises (@GoldenWho sur Twitter) + Guest Caroline Lie, Stephanie Hyam & Rebekah Price




CONVID-20: The online DoctorWho convention will take place this week-end.

CONVID-20: The online DoctorWho convention will take place this week-end.

11:00 – 22:30 BST 12:00 – 23:30 CET Convid-20 is a virtual Doctor Who Convention set up to run from the comfort of your own home. Cosplay along and watch interviews with Sophie Aldred, Angela Bruce, Sylvester McCoy and many more all from your own room. Take part in quizzes and watch a live comedy set from musical comedian Mitch Benn at 20:00. The event is completely free but voluntary donations for children’s hospice Claire House will be accepted.

CONVid-20 est un Comic-Con de Doctor Who en ligne, mise en place de façon accessible à domicile. Portez votre cosplay et regardez les interviews de l’actrice Sophie Aldred (qui joua le personnage Ace dans la série classique de l’émission), Angela Bruce, et du 7ème Docteur Sylvester McCoy, ainsi que d’avantage d’invités – tout ça sans avoir à quitter votre lieu de confinement. Participez aux quiz et visionnez de la comédie en directe venant du comédien Mitch Benn à 21:00 CET. Bien que l’évènement soit gratuit à accéder, les organisateurs accepteront des dons pour aider Claire House, un hospice pour enfants.

Access the event – J’y vais: CONID-20 YouTube Channel 

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): CONVID-20


19:00 – 21:00 BST 20:00 – 22:00 CET Doctor Who Double Bill Subwave Network Watchalong: The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End


The biggest crossover in history has landed. Join in a global back to back watchalong of Doctor Who episodes The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End. Use #SubwaveNetwork to tweet along your thoughts and reactions to the episode; follow the conversation with cast and crew members, writer Russel  T Davies, director Graeme Harper, actress Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), actor John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) and The DoctorDonna duo themselves, Catherine Tate and David Tennant tweeting through the Doctor Who Lockdown twitter account. With this many cast and crew members involved, this is sure to be a big event Doctor Who fans don’t want to miss. So, press play on Doctor Who: Series 4: The Stolen Earth at 19:00 BST, then after a 15 minutes comfort break, press play on the next episode in the series, Journey’s End at 20:00 BST.

Le plus grand évènement de visionnement simultané de Doctor Who a attéri. Rejoignez d’autres fans et acteurs principaux de Doctor Who dans un watchalong (regardons ensemble) mondiale des épisodes de Doctor Who, La Terre Volée & La Fin Du Voyage. Utilisez #SubwaveNetwork pour tweeter vos pensées de l’épisode et suivez la conversation avec l’écrivain Russel T Davies, le réalisateur Graeme Harper, l’actrice Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), l’acteur John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) et le grand duo du DocteurDonna eux-mêmes, Catherine Tate et David Tennant qui tweeteront via le compte twitter de Doctor Who Lockdown. Avec tant de membres principaux des deux épisodes rattachés à cet évènement, celui-ci est sûr d’en être un à ne pas rater. Jouez Doctor Who: Saison 4: La Terre volée à 20h00 CET, puis après une petite pause de 15 minutes pour digérer ce que vous veniez juste de regarder, jouez le prochain épisode de la série, La Fin du Voyage à 21h00 CET.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Emily Cook & Doctor Who Lockdown + Guests Russel T Davies, Graeme Harper, Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman, Catherine Tate & David Tennant




19:00 – 21:00 BST 20:00 – 22:00 CET Doctor Who Double Bill Watchalong Human Nature & The Family of Blood

After the success of last week’s first Doctor Who double bill tweetalong, here comes another one. Fans around the world will press play on Doctor Who Series 3 episode Human Nature at 19:00 BST, then after a 15-minute pause, press play on the next episode in the series The Family of Blood. So put on your DVD or blu-ray disc or stream online via an array of sources, then join in the conversation and follow reactions from writer Paul Cornell and director Charles Palmer on the hashtag #DoctorOfMine.

Suite au succès du premier watchalong (regardons ensemble) the Doctor Who en double tranche la semaine précédente, en voici un autre ! En même temps que d’autres fans à travers le monde, jouez l’épisode de la saison 3 de Doctor Who, La Famille de Sang à 20:00 CET, puis après une petite pause de 15 minutes, à la suite, avec le prochain épisode Smith, La Montre et le Docteur à 21:00 CET. Insérez votre DVD ou disque blu-ray ou visionnez en streaming, et participez à la discussion et suivez les réactions de l’écrivain Paul Cornell et du réalisateur Charles Palmer via le hashtag #DoctorOfMine.

Access the event – J’y vais: BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Emily Cook & Doctor Who Lockdown + Guests Paul Cornell & Charles Palmer


18:30 – 23:00 BST 19:30 – 00:00 CET Doctor Who & The Quiz Of Rassilon Part 2

Doctor Who & The Quiz Of Rassilon TWITTER BANNER

Doctor Who & The Quiz Of Rassilon est de retour Dimanche 26 Avril à 19:30 CET

Following on from its first online venture which featured 200 participants worldwide and around 50 teams, Doctor Who & The Quiz Of Rassilon is back this Sunday. With rounds from Doctor Who Lockdown’s Emily Cook, who also writes for Doctor Who Magazine, former brand manager Edward Russell and actor-comedian Toby Hadoke, teams are in for a great night of Doctor Who fun!

So, get your team together and get revising on the upcoming quiz rounds: The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, The Long game, the Seeds Of Death, Actor Facts, Dudley Ditties and Teddy’s TARDIS Tunes. Those wishing to participate should sign up their teams to do so by 12 noon BST on Saturday 25 April. Instructions will follow via e-mail and the quiz itself will take place via ZOOM, a free online video conference program.

A Quiztastic event: Doctor Who and the Quiz Of Rassilon's full line-up.

A Quiztastic event: Doctor Who and the Quiz Of Rassilon’s full line-up.

Suite au succès de son premier lancement en ligne qui compta 200 participants et environ 50 équipes globalement, Doctor Who & The Quiz Of Rassilon est de retour ce dimanche. Avec des parties d’Emily Cook de Doctor Who Lockdown, qui écrit également pour Doctor Who Magazine, l’ancien directeur de marque Edward Russell et le comédien Toby Hadoke, attendez-vous à une grande soirée divertissante de Doctor Who!

Alors, réunissez votre équipe et révisez les parties de quiz prochaines: La Terre Volée & La Fin Du Voyage, Un Jeu Interminable, The Seeds Of Death, Les Faits sur les Acteurs, Dudley Ditties et Teddy TARDIS Tunes. Ceux qui souhaitent y participer doivent inscrire leurs équipes pour le faire avant 13h CET le samedi 25 avril. Les instructions suivront par courriel et le quiz se déroulera via ZOOM, un programme de vidéoconférence en ligne qui est gratuit à télécharger.

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Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): The Quiz Of Rassilon + Guests Emily Cook, Edward Russell, Gavin Rymill, Jess Jurkovic, Toby Hadoke & Galactic Yoyo



17: 00 – 20:00 BST 18:00 – 21:00 CET SpaceUp Live


SpaceUp Live 29 Avril 2020 18H00 CET Time Made Of Strawberries Un Temps De Fraises

Above: SpaceUp Live logo for the event which will return in a livestreaming capacity this Wednesday 29 April from 17:00 BST 18:00 CET

This Wednesday, SpaceUp Live returns for its 10th year in an online event. Sign up on Eventbrite and subscribe to their YouTube Channel to be alerted when the Science UnConference starts. With at least 260 virtual attendees, watch live panels on different science topics, such as what will be the impact of COVID-19 on the space industry? Sponsored by Spacebit who are sending the first rover to the moon in 2021, the livestreamed event will be a chance for you to hear from professionals in the space industry and ask questions via the chat function. All this, from your bedroom!

Ce mercredi, SpaceUpLive est de retour pour sa 10ème année pour un évènement en ligne. Inscrivez vous sur Eventbrite et abonnez-vous à leur chaîne YouTube pour être notifier lors du début de la conférence de science. Avec au moins 260 participants virtuels, regardez les allocutions à propos de sujets scientifique divers, tel que que sera l’effet du COVID-19 sur l’industrie de l’espace ? Cet évènement est sponsorisé par Spacebit qui enveront le premier rover sur la lune en 2021. Vous aurez l’opportunité d’écouter des experts de l’industrie spatiale en direct et de leur poser des questions via chat. Tout ça depuis votre salon.

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Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): SpaceUp Live (Twitter)


20:15 – 21:15 BST  21:15 – 22:15 CET Cardiff Animation Nights

Cardiff Animation Nights Online Event 30 April 20h15 BST 30 Avril 21H15 CET Time Made Of Strawberries

Above: Cardiff Animation Nights Poster for 30 April Streaming event

Join Cardiff Animation Nights’ second online live stream after the success of their last such event, which attracted 500 viewers. Tune into the link, which will be available via their Instagram account’s bio to see animations from all over the world, in different styles and formats covering different topics.

Ce Jeudi, pourquoi ne pas rejoindre Cardiff Animation Nights (CAN) pour une soirée très animée ? Suite au succès de leur dernier évènement en ligne, CAN est de retour avec plusieurs animations de styles différents, formats différents qui racontent des histoire différentes. Accédez au streaming via le lien qui sera disponible via le compte Instagram de CAN pour visionner ces productions internationales.

Access the event – J’y vais: Cardiff Animation Nights Instagram &

Organiser(s) – Organisateur(s): Cardiff Animation Nights (@animationnights sur Twitter et Instagram)


Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack 2020 Segun Akinola 3 April

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack composed by Segun Akinola is out 3 April. Image courtesy of Silva Screen Records.

Relive the sonic adventure from the comfort of your own speakers

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack is set for release early next month. As hiatus begins, fans of the longest-running sci-fi programme will be glad to know that they are able to pre-order the full album now.

Fans will be able to own the thrills and twists of the last series of Doctor Who in musical form on 3 April. Available to pre-order now, the 48-track escapade can be purchased via the Silva Screen Records website on CD, digital download and streaming. Silva Screen, the record label behind the Doctor Who soundtrack releases, tells Time Made Of Strawberries the album will be released through “an all distributions channel, so it will be available in all shops that want to stock it.” This will certainly include stores such as HMV and independent record stores, but due to shelf space will only include supermarkets if they wish to stock it.

A spokesperson for Silva Screen added “there’s a possibly that we may put it out on vinyl later in the year, but that’s not confirmed yet.”

DWS12 Soundtrack The Doctor And The Master Album Artwork Silva Screen Time Made Of Strawberries

The two-volume Doctor Who series 12 soundtrack will have album artwork featuring The Master, The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham. Credit: Silva Screen Records.

Retailing at £9.99, the 48-track album will be spread across two volumes, including “new themes for The Master and the Cyberman and celebrates the epic, action packed storytelling of series 12,” Silva Screen says. Fans will be able to listen to The Spy Master, The Lighthouse, Something Is Coming For Me and a special appearance from the Doctor Who Series 12 Opening Titles music in volume 1. Across volume 2, await titles such as She Was The Universe, Brendan, The Ascension Shall Begin, The Division, Tecteun, Cybermasters and Time Lords.

The twelfth series of Doctor Who came to a close Sunday night, with The Timeless Children as the concluding episode to an epic two-part finale. From the Spyfall opening two-parter to the unexpected plot-twist in Fugitive of the Judoon, scenes were woven with moving, emotional and captivating musical notes carefully crafted by the show’s composer Segun Akinola.


Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall (left) praises Segun Akinola’s (centre) work. Jodie Whittaker who plays The Doctor stands right. Credit: Doctor Who Page.

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall has highly appraised Akinola’s work, telling Silva Screen “his extraordinarily eclectic, bold and emotional scores for the series are part of Doctor Who’s identity.” He added “this collection showcases the range, ambition, precision and brilliance of Segun as a composer.”

Segun has been composing for Doctor Who since 2017 and has clearly been enjoying his new role. Speaking to Silva Screen, he says “From the experimental sounds of ‘Orphan 55’ to the emotional rollercoaster of ‘The Timeless Children’, it’s been a complete joy working on the music for Series 12 and I hope that whilst listening to this album, fans can relive all their favourite moments.”

DWS12 Soundtrack Ruth and The Doctor Artwork Time Made Of Strawberries Segun Akinola

The Doctor Who Series 12 Soundtrack CD album art. Credit: Silva Screen Records.

Looking back on the series 11 soundtrack and knowing what is to come, it’s fair to say Segun has proven himself to be a fantastic successor.

His predecessor Murray Gold composed for the show from its revival in 2005, with Series 1 until series 10 in 2017. Yet, the series 10 soundtrack has still not been released to date. Silva Screens had fans on “Doctor Who Soundtrack Watch” until 2017 when they finally announced the release of the series 9 soundtrack. The series had aired in 2015. Is a Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack still to follow?

BBC_Worldwide_Logo BBC Studios Wikipedia Time Made Of Strawberries

BBC Worldwide now BBC Studios sold the rights to Doctor Who music back in 2016. Credit: Wikipedia

In 2016, the rights of Doctor Who music were sold by BBC Worldwide (now BBC Studios) to BMG. Since all prior Silva Screen soundtrack releases are from seasons which aired before that year, does that compromise the possibility of a series 10 soundtrack release? According to Silva Screen, in short, no. “I think that that doesn’t affect us. We would still license it from BBC Studios, as they’re now called. It’s just not available. I don’t know why that is. I can only assume it’s probably something just to do with they haven’t got the music from the composer yet. I really don’t know. But I just know it’s not available for us to release.”

Since it would appear the fate of the Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack might well be linked with BBC Studios or BMG, both have been contacted for further comment and are currently still investigating what happened with the soundtrack. As soon as there are any updates regarding this or a possible future release, you will hear it here first.

Edit 30.03.2020: According to an update from BBC Studios, fans should not expect a Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack any time soon. It would appear that its fate does not lie with BMG after all, since Silva Screen Records do still hold the license to it. In response to Time Made Of Strawberries’ query about the soundtrack, BBC Studios said:

“The rights to the Doctor Who Series 10 soundtrack are on licence from Silva Screen Records. There are currently no plans to release the soundtrack to the consumer market.”

So, fans can free up that shelf space put aside for the Series 10 soundtrack and replace it with the Series 12 soundtrack when it does arrive next week.

For now, fans will have to wait and see. But there is not too long to wait until the Doctor Who Soundtrack of the series with arguably, the most epic finale yet. Speaking of the upcoming release, Chibnall said “No Doctor Who fan should be without it, and no lover of contemporary film scores should miss it.” You’ve been told.

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