Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack Release Announced


Silva Screen: Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack cover art

Long-awaited Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack to be released

By Mélissa M Azombo

Fans of Doctor Who have finally had their Christmas wishes answered as Silva Screen announced the Series 9 soundtrack will be released.

Series 9 of Doctor Who aired on 19 September 2015 and concluded in December that year followed by a Christmas special during a one-year hiatus the show took the next year. However, since then, fans have been on Doctor Who Series 9 soundtrack watch, wondering when the soundtrack, if ever, would be released.

Since 2005, a musical soundtrack of accompanying compositions penned by Murray Gold, orchestrated by Ben Foster and performed by the Welsh National Orchestra, has been released for every series. The Series 9 soundtrack though, was nowhere to seen. With BMG having bought the rights to Doctor Who music this year, the situation remained unclear. Silva Screen now confirms that it will be released, though a date has yet to be announced. The news comes while rumours that the Christmas special is to be MuGo’s last as composer, remain unconfirmed.

The soundtrack will land gracefully as a four-disc extravaganza, with music from ex-companion Clara’s farewell in Face The Raven, as well as Heaven Sent, Hell Bent and The Husbands Of River Song.


Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack: The four-disc long-awaited album.

Like the Series 8 release, Silva Screen say “the first run of CDs will contain an additional booklet collecting Stuart Manning’s retro poster designs for each episode.”

Why did this take so long, though and although this can’t be put under our Christmas trees just yet, when will it be available to purchase and download? And will we have our first Doctor Who soundtrack on vinyl? Only time will tell.

In the mean time, fans can only wait to hear which musical delights Murray has conjured up this time, in Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time on BBC One Monday 25 December 2017 at 17:30. The episode stars David Bradley as The First Doctor, Mark Gatiss, Toby Whithouse and returning companion Bill, Pearl Mackie. It is set to be Peter Capaldi’s last episode as the 12th Doctor, with Jodie Whittaker taking over as 13th Doctor.


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