Blog Post: Welcome To Writemas… or Blogmas!

So, it’s that time of year, again! The hymns are being sung, the shops are busier than ever before and there’s… snow in London? It can only be Christmas!

During this season of festivities, while everyone is spending advent doing Vlogmas, what better way to celebrate it than doing Writemas. Just like Vlogmas, which is to vlog and upload every day from the 2nd to the 25th December, the aim of Writemas (or Blogmas) follows suit.

However, due to my busy schedule, I will be posting every other day on here,to ensure that I have time to produce something worthwile. As usual, during this festive season, Time Made Of Strawberries will feature a mix of blog posts like this one and more journalistic articles. Some will be things I started working on but have yet to publish and others will be brand new material just for Writemas or Blogmas.

In fact, because my content will vary, I was not sure whether the name Blogmas was as good a suit as the name Writemas. However, given that Blogmas is the more popular name everyone understands, let’s just go with that one.

So, welcome to Blogmas, then? Yes, welcome to Blogmas! Be sure to return for my next blog post on My Christmas Wishlist.

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