New Doctor Jodie Whittaker Signs Autographs For Fans Outside BBC Despite “Nasty” Crowd


Crowd behaviour does not stop Jodie Whittaker from taking some time for fans

By Mélissa M Azombo

On Saturday 12th August, actress Jodie Whittaker left BBC Radio 2 HQ after being on air with Dermot O’Leary to a crowd of fans, not all calmly waiting.

A video has been posted on video sharing platform YouTube by channel John Denny TV, in 3 parts, showing crowds of fans, impatiently awaiting Jodie’s arrival for the chance to have a photo or autograph signed by her. Barely a few seconds after she eagerly approached the crowd to start signing away, the unrest began.

At 0:14, a fan (India Grace Spiteri, who goes by Frankie Grace) can be heard saying “Can you not? Can you f****** not? Can you f****** not?” She says this, as the gentleman behind her repeatedly attempts to extend his hand forwards but to the side of her, so that his picture can be more accessible from behind the barrier retaining fans. After soothingly asking, “Jodie, love?” she continues “Can you move your f****** hand?” to the gentleman behind her, which it is clear from the video Jodie notices at 0:57. However, in true Doctor fashion, Jodie ignores this and continues signing away for fans, not letting this phase her.

JODIE-WHITTAKER-PHOTOJodie Whittaker was happy to take photos with fans, despite crowd behaviour.

The Trust Me actress was at BBC Radio 2 for Dermot O’ Leary’s Breakfast show to talk about four-part BBC drama.

Inevitably though, conversation soon turned to Jodie’s brand new Doctor Who role, playing the Time Lord, which she revealed “I’ve known since March.”

Sally, who delivered traffic updates and information during the radio show, told the Yorkshire actress, “I’ve never seen as many people outside waiting for Jodie. I’ve seen Hollywood actors have less people than you.”

“Last time I came on the show, I got off the shoot, walked in and there were autograph hunters outside who ignored me and walked in, got a pass and that was it. This one, everyone’s like “Hi, hi!”” Jodie explained, showing the massive approval of her casting.

The scene outside BBC Radio 2 HQ though, was an untame one. Fans kept being told to get off the road, possibly squeezed off the pavement towards the front, due to the sheer amount of people there. One fan even threw another fan’s autograph photos on the floor. Meanwhile, the monitored chaotic scene saw some defying the one autograph per person rule (likely put in place, to ensure everyone could get The Doctor’s attention). There was pushing and shoving, more insults and picture snatching, as well as threats of “I’m gonna f****** finish you off, mate,” which received the response
“Go on, then!”
One fan described the scene perfectly “It’s getting nasty in ‘ere.”

The actress also revealed how she got offered the role. Before Season 3 of ITV drama Broadchurch came out, she had just been talking to show writer Chris Chibnall about his new role, who asked
“This is the direction I want to go in i.e. female. Would you consider auditioning?” Then followed a very lengthy audition process.

She added “You have to be put in a position where you are going to fight for a role like this because it’s such an honour, you can’t just be blasée about this.”

It is currently unclear when Doctor Who starts filming or returns for Series 11, as even The Doctor herself doesn’t know. However, Doctor Who returns for the Christmas special on Christmas Day, BBC One which will be 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s last.

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