WHO’s Next?

By Mélissa M Azombo

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I wish I had time to do a full blog post on this, but unfortunately, I do not at the moment. However, I do really want to suggest ideas for The 13th Doctor in a post, before he gets revealed after The Wimbledon final, which is scheduled to end at 18h30 on Sunday 16th July 2017.

  1. Tatiana Maslany – In brief, Tatiana Maslany has proven her incredibly versatile acting ability in her role as Sarah and Cosima and Rachel and Krystal and all of the other clones in Orphan Black. She is a phenomenal actress and Doctor Who would really benefit from her acting.
  2. Richard Ayoade – Good actor. Great comic timing. Very Doctor-y.
  3. Jodie Whitaker – Listed as newest Bookie’s favourite and great actress.
  4. Eddie Redmayne – Fantastic actor but maybe 20th Doctor, as busy with Fantastic Beasts movies.
  5. Ben Wishaw – Good actor.
  6. Helena Bonham Carter – Need I say more?
  7. Sacha Dhawan – Did a fantastic job in An Adventure in Space And Time.

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