Welcome To My Brain.

Hello. I am writing this from my brain.

The brain is expected to run like clockwork but the brain is rather complex. My brain is rather complex.

How well do you think Harry would have done in his OWLs if at sporadic intervals while he tried to study, he was met by unscheduled Dementor attacks? To clarify, the dementors don’t give Harry a phone call style “What up Harry? We’re coming Monday 19th December 2016 at 13:23:01, so you might wanna get all that revision and socialising done by then, alright? Just a heads up!” or even “Hey! So we’ll be there sometime next week, perhaps mid-afternoon?” There is absolutely 0 warning. Would you expect a flawless end to his school career with sparkling grades? No? And would you not expect him to be on edge about it every day? So, why is it, the opposite is expected of those with invisible Dementors?

I had another one of my terrible days and I could not see that light Dumbledore once talked about. Everything was horrendous. Life sucked and everything was horrible, as I entered into a world of darkness, with no return path possible. I couldn’t do anything. Now, it’s clearing. And I don’t know how. I honestly can not comment. It all happens too fast for me to take note and I am not in that frame of mind. I would like to know the “How,” though, so I could use it in the all too determined future, to accelerate recovery.

I guess one would need an observer, as with any science experiment.

However, not even science understands this. Where is the firm grip on knowledge of what is going on within my brain – within our brains – and how to fix it? Nowhere to be found? Dispersed like Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumbs? Somewhere in between?

Cinderella once said “Have courage and be kind.” The issue is the world is not kind. This is a cruel, cruel world and the brain reacts to that, instinctively, despite the world’s expectation for it not to, somehow.

The media reports increasing cases of mental health issues, repeatedly linking some to to the social media age. The fact is, it’s more complex than that and it can be argued the impact of cruelty far outweighs the impact of social media, though they may be intertwined. If you want someone’s brain to feel healthier, be kind to them and it may just happen.

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