What Is A Whovian?

By Mélissa M Azombo

The fandom is in ruins and this only makes one want to fight for it. Why? There are some, who still call themselves Whovians or Doctor Who fans, who are attacking others, or singling them out.

So, what is a Whovian? Well, plainly speaking, it is a fan of the show Doctor Who or any of its associated programs. But Doctor Who is a show about a time travelling hero, who goes through time & space fighting off the bad guys. At its heart, as shown in the Zygon two-parter of Series 9, is an anti-war kindness.

So, can you be attacking people and still be a Whovian? Well, technically you can. Let’s not forget there are passive watchers of shows. They can enjoy watching a program and that is it. They can then be someone who enjoys watching the show but does not hold the “Whovian values,” so to speak. One thing’s for sure, this type of behaviour does not follow the values of The Doctor or the show.

One more question though. Is being a Whovian knowledge-based? People being accused of not being real fans because they just don’t happen to know who all The Doctors are yet, or who Vicki was, or maybe even The Brigadier, is not new and can be found online. Is this fair?

Well, unfortunately, humans are not born with 53 years of Doctor Who knowledge. There will always be something they don’t know. They will learn things over time. Before they learn those things, they won’t know them. This doesn’t make them any less of a fan if they enjoy the show. They just don’t know as much as others yet, but they’re on their way there, in their own time, and that’s OK.

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