“Changed, my dear… and it appears, not a moment too soon.”

So, it has been a while since I have posted on here. I have been very busy from fighting through my University degree to attempting to get a job as a journalist or science journalist to deciding being an unemployed graduate definitely was not for me and deciding between Universities.

Currently, I am now doing a course which will require me to create new blog posts, periodically. I will therefore be changing the look of this blog site to make space for those and some old posts may be disappearing, simply as they just don’t fit with the new perspective.

As to when I will be posting the Moon Monday, Wild Wednesday and Space Saturday articles again, I am afraid I am highly uncertain. I am currently and hopefully for at least a little while longer working as Radio Cardiff’s monthly Science correspondent.

Unlike the nature of my articles on this site, none of what I report will be astronomy/ space-related, as they already have a brilliant person from, wait for it, The Sky At Night, who does this. Needless to say after that sentence, definitely check out Radio Cardiff.

Nevertheless, all the stories I find will be scientific, so this may open your mind to another area of Science you may be interested in or explore further, one in which you already were.

Furthermore, I have signed up to write for a newspaper and magazine. I also, of course, will need to that old studying thing. So, my time is pressed. Not to mention I probably have a backlog of a 100-odd Youtube videos to edit and upload. I will do what I can and will keep you updated when possible.

So, this is an overall welcome back to my blog. Enjoy course-related blog posts on my Writing page or on my Journalism page, if I add that in, instead. I will also be posting about Science Communication for Techniquest, either on a separate Techniquest page or on a separate sciencewithmels.wordpress.com site. Check both here and over there within the next few months or so. I will let you know if more is added. ‘Til the next time!

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